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Introducing the Concert Ukulele Build

I've begun a concert ukulele build that I expect to proceed as a bit of a slow burn. I'm building this uke for two reasons; I like ukes, and I'm practicing skills like bending and bracing in preparation for a full acoustic guitar build. I'm not in a hurry on this, so the project may drag, but life's what it is, right? Mahogany sides and neck, spruce sound boards, and possibly a wenge fretboard (we'll see).

A Walk in the Woods

The materials going into this build are pretty traditional. I'm not really experimenting a lot with this one as it's more of a chance to practice some standard acoustic-building skills. I'll be using mahogany sides and back that were originally intended for a guitar that someone else never built. And the top is spruce that I bought years ago, again for a guitar, but this one was the one that I never built.

The neck and fretboard will both come from materials we bought for the Les Paul electric build. We bought plenty extra, so we'll use the mahogany for the neck, and the wenge for the fretboard.

This should be a fun build, but again, it'll be slow. I'll work on it as I have time between Les Paul build sessions with Josh, and I fully expect to bork the side bending a couple times till I learn to do it properly. If your interested, feel free to follow a long, and send me questions or feedback if you have any.

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