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A linked list of studio projects

Studio projects are all those projects that I think are interesting in some way, but don't really fit in the other categories. Tool and jig builds, vintage tool restoration, and things like that will show up here.

Hand Drill Restoration

I found this cool hand drill at the Foothill Swap Meet in Glendora. It looked neat, and I wanted something I could use for detailed drilling on guitars that wouldn't be likely to get away from me like a power drill might - for things like side fret markers. This turned out really nice, but ultimately, it was too big for what I wanted to do with it. I got another, smaller one, later, but I think this one looks cool.

Radiused Sanding Blocks for Radiusing Fretboards

This was a don't buy what you can make project. With inspiration from a couple other builders, I designed an adjustable jig for putting a radius of my choosing lengthwise into a 1 x 3. Works great, and now I use the blocks regularly on guitar projects.

Ukulele Side Bending Forms

Another don't buy what you can make project - this one for the ukulele build. I didn't want to go out and buy side-bending forms so I decided to build my own. This is the first of two that are planned so I can clamp up both sides at once.

Stanley Bailey Number 5 Bench Plane

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for old planes. I have too many. But this Stanley, which I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, was just too cool to pass up. A little rusty, and the handle was broken, but it was nothing that couldn't be solved with a little care and some elbow grease.