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Declamping and Weight Reduction

Out of the Clamps

Just a quick update on the maple top. It is out of the clamps and looking great. We’re going to let it sit while we work on other things, just in case it feels the need to wiggle a bit before we mate it to the mahogany base.

Weight Reduction

Actually Gibson refers to this as “weight relief”, but either way, it’s an important part of the guitar that you’ll never see after the instrument is complete. Mahogany and maple are both really heavy woods, and solid pieces of this size would be hard to hold for extended periods of time. Gibson has used a variety of styles of weight relief over the years, and opinions on them are strong, as opinions about guitars tend to be. We don’t feel like there’s a significant difference in resonance or tone between the old-school, nine-hole method, and the newer “modern weight relief” method, and we like the lighter instrument, so we’re working toward something similar to the modern style.

The pics below show some progress on the adding the weight relief chambers to the routing template.

You can read more about some of the different weight relief styles Gibson used here, just take all the opinion expressed in the comments with a grain of salt.

Till next time!

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