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Buying Wood for The Les Paul Build

Today was field trip day. We spent some quality time this morning at Cherokee Wood Products in Upland, CA looking at hardwoods. Man, Cherokee is a great place, and the guys there took great care of us.

Mahogany and Maple

Even though they had a lot of great options, we went with traditional mahogany and maple. We bought a nice 11 foot, 8/4 mahogany board that we should easily get two bodies and necks, and have enough left over for several ukulele necks(which are next on the project list, fwiw). Josh isn’t a big fan of the tiger-striped, curly maple look, so we went with a flatter-grained figure, and found a board that’s exactly what he wanted.

Once we got back to the shop we spent some time this afternoon getting the maple cut, planed the joining edges flat, and glued up. We want to give the glued up board plenty of time to settle in before mating it with the mahogany body and starting the carving process.

Fun with Fretboards

The fun find was this wenge board, which we are super excited to use for the fret board. I’ve never worked with wenge before, so I don’t know exactly what I’m getting into, but the grain pattern on this board is spectacular, and we should be able to either get four guitar fretboards out of it, or two guitar and four uke boards.

So, all in all, it was a fun day, and I definitely expect to find my way back to Cherokee Wood at some point.

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