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Pocket Time

Cutting The Neck Pocket

Since we're building a set-neck guitar in the Les Paul style, we need a pocket in the body to accept the tenon on the end of the neck. After marking out the location of the pocket, we started by removing the bulk of the wood with a forstner bit on the drill press.

I set up a temporary jig on the body to allow me to route out the rest of the pocket with a 4 degree slope on the bottom to accomodate the neck break angle. Unfortunately, I got the router collet too fat down and burned the edges of the pocket a little, which you can see in the photos farther down this post. The upside is that it's just marred the surface a little, and only in spots where that wood is going to be removed anyway, so no real harm done.

I broke out the bench plane to shape the angle on the top because we want the fretboard to lay flat on the surface of the top once it's all assembled.

There's still a little fine-tuning to do, but the fit is looking good at this point.

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