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Two Halfs = One Whole

Bringing the Body Together

With the neck and fretboard in a good place, we turned back to the body this week. After planing and sanding the maple and mahogany components of the body nice and flat on their mating surfaces, they got the glue up treatment and with the help of lots of clamps and scrap cauls, the two became one.

Next, I pre-trimmd the maple at the band saw, and then the router came out to trim it the rest of the way flush with the sides of the mahogany, which had previously been sanded to final shape.

Of course, I failed to take any more pics after the trimming process was finished, but you can see where we were headed.

Headstock Gets A Trim

The other thing we've been putting off is getting the headstock thinned down closer to final thickness, so we went ahead and got that done as well. Some creative temporary jigging got us set up to surface the back side of the headstock with the router.

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