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Some Musing on Fretboards and Some De-Construction

Some Decisions and Some Progress

I’ve got some maple boards hanging out in the shop which are just the right size to turn into concert uke fret boards. So I’m going to make a few. Why a few, and not just one? Well, to some degree, I’m assuming I’m going to mess the first couple up, so… yeah.

But also, I want to try some different approaches. I’m thinking one flat, one radiused and one compound-radiused board. There’s an interesting discussion of radiused uke fret boards on the Ukulele Underground forum which didn’t really lead me to a conclusion as much as to a desire to try the different options to see what I think. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m accumulating necessary pieces and parts as well. Bought some narrow fret wire from CB Gitty, as well as a couple bridges and bone saddle blanks. I already have a bone nut blank that I can use. Here’s a comparison of the existing bridge and the replacement I bought:

And Finally, Progress

I have fully removed the bad fret board, and it turned out to be not too much trouble at all. A little work with a razor blade and a thin putty knife got most of the wood up. Then some careful work with a sharp chisel followed by a little sanding, and we’re actually ready for a new fret board.

Till next time...

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