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Hand Drill Restoration

I found this cool hand drill at the Foothill Swap Meet in Glendora. It looked neat, and I wanted something I could use for detailed drilling on guitars that wouldn't be likely to get away from me like a power drill might - for things like side fret markers. This turned out really nice, but ultimately, it was too big for what I wanted to do with it. I got another, smaller one, later, but I think this one looks cool.

A Quick Before and After

The drill actually operated pretty well when I got it, though it was dirty and rusty, which made it run not quite as smoothly as would be ideal. It's a two speed drill, and the adjustment between the different size gears for the two speeds was a little sticky. Here are some before pics that give a sense of what I had to start with.

I basically took the whole thing apart and wire-brushed then polished every surface. I removed the wood handles and sanded off all the old grease, dirt and finish, then applied several coats of Tru-Oil to protect them while leaving a nice natural look. The after pics show how well it turned out.

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