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Fender DG-60 Rescue Complete!

Today was a very satisfying day.

Saddle and Nut

I started by putting on a cheap set of temporary strings to get the saddle height set, which went very quickly and required very little additional adjustment beyond the sanding I had already done.

Clean and Polish

With that set, I took the strings back off, and spent some quality time getting scratches out of the finish, polishing and buffing, and generally making things look pretty.

The most egregious flaw was a spot on the back which looked like it had rubbed on either a wall hanger or a belt buckle for some time. It took some patience, persistence, and careful application of 2000 grit wet sandpaper and polishing compound, but as you can see, the result was well worth it.

Strings and Done

After the polishing and fine-tuning, I put on a set of Martin strings, and put the final hardware back on. Glad to say it looks and sounds great. I took several more pics in anticipation of putting this instrument up on eBay sometime this weekend.

That was a very fun project, and I'm actually a little sad that it's done. I'll post details when the auction is up on eBay, so check back if you are interested in buying this guitar.

The auction is over and the guitar is sold, and I learned an important lesson about shipping guitars. It’s expensive. They don’t weigh much, but the box is big. So while it was a fun project, it turns out that I lost a chunk of money on this one. Will try not to make that mistake again.

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