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My Dad Has the Best Hamburgers

Editor’s note: This descriptive essay was written by my son, Josh Eubanks as a class assignment. Part of the assignment was to have the essay published, and he approached me with a request to publish it here on eubie.com. I was happy to do so, because he is a good kid.

My Dad Has the Best Hamburgers

My dad is a good person. He provides for the family, and helps around the house whenever he can. He makes funny jokes and lightens up the room whenever he is around. He does things for other people often, and makes lunch for me almost every day. He has a very nice, and expensive car. He is a nice person that puts people ahead of himself very often.

My dad always helps clean the house, so that my mom does not have to when she gets home. He washes all the dishes every day. He also cleans the kitchen so that it is clean and fresh, as if it were brand new. Something about the way he cleans the house causes it to be cleaner than any house I have been to. The tiles are so smooth and reflective that my eyes hurt when looking around in the kitchen area. The kitchen counter is even clean enough that I can see my own reflection. After he finishes, a faint smell of bleach fills the room. The smell is slightly intense, but it is also relieving because it is the smell of cleanness. The tiles always feel so smooth like freshly polished marble. I like to run and suddenly stop while wearing socks so I slide across the ground. Sometimes I can slide all the way across the room. My house is always clean and looks nice because my dad cleans it almost every day.

My dad makes lunch for me any time he can. His lunches always taste the best. The way he makes hamburgers with melty American cheese almost liquefied on top of the juicy, flavorful patty is always so good. The smell of the hamburgers grilling is so enticing, I can never stand the wait before I can dig in. The sound of the sizzling patties taunts me. The hamburgers are so delectable that it feels like I’m high on some drug when I eat them. All the worries I have disappear when I eat the juicy, succulent hamburgers. The cheese melts in my mouth and causes me to desire them more and more. The hunger overcomes my whole body. The hamburgers are as addictive as heroin, and if I go more than a day without eating them, I go into detox. They are the best hamburgers I have ever had in all my life. Sometimes I just want something simple like microwaveable taquitos or instant ramen, which he will gladly make for me.

My dad always makes sarcastic jokes to lighten up the mood. He always knows the right time for a joke or a witty pun. The sound of everyone in the room erupting into laughter could be deafening. Sometime he makes a joke funny enough to make me laugh so much that it hurts. My stomach cramped up and I had to grab my sides. One time I went unconscious from laughing so much and everyone said I was out for almost an hour. I was laughing for a whole day one time, and my stomach felt like it was going to rip apart. I was coughing for a week after that day. He likes to make cheesy jokes, but cheesy jokes are always funny at the right time and place.

He has a new BMW that is so beautiful it makes me cry. The car can go over one hundred and twenty miles per hour. One time my dad and I drove to San Diego, and on the way there is a road that is absurdly long and was completely empty. My dad tested how fast the car could go, and I felt like I was in a rocket launching to the moon. The sound of the engine was like the sound of an airplane taking off. It got me pumped up, and my body filled with adrenaline, I was shaking for an hour afterwards. He always keeps the car clean so that it looks as if it were brand new wherever he goes. The car is a dark navy blue, and it has a black canvas convertible top. The car can retract the top by itself at the touch of a button. It is so fun to ride around with the convertible top down during the summer. The car is not the most comfortable car, since it is made for speed, however it is the coolest car I have ever ridden in.

My dad is a nice, decent person who always does things for others. He has cool and expensive stuff, and he always lets me ride in his awesome car. He makes the best burgers ever and tells the greatest jokes in the history of the human race. My dad is the coolest person ever.

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