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Hi, I'm Steve, and this is my blog

If you're actually taking the time to read this bio (and if you aren't, we have a real time-space continuity issue at this point), then you might as well get an accurate read. I spent twenty-plus years in the higher education industry, where I worked in Residence Life, then in Housing, then in Enrollment Management, and finally BI and Data Analytics with some IT Project and Portfolio Management thrown in for good measure. After a short stint in healthcare at Cedars-Sinai Health System, I'm now plying my trade at AEG in Los Angeles. But this little corner of the internet isn't so much about that as it is a place for me to explore all the other things that grab my attention as I make my way in the world.

I'm a husband and a dad and a gamer and a carpenter and a mechanic and a writer. I get excited about leadership and followership and data and soccer and golf and data (huh?). I love good food and good friends, and I think pretty seriously (and sometimes not so seriously) about faith and philosophy and relativity and theoretical physics. Any of these things, and anything else is fair game, and may make its way into a post, but mostly these days I'm playing with data, and thinking a lot about gaming and e-sports, so you'll see a lot of that.

I really enjoy the give and take of a good conversation, so please feel free to leave comments, and I'll always do my best to respond. I have a pretty open mind about pretty much everything, but that doesn't mean I won't argue a point to death if I'm pretty sure I'm right. I wouldn't expect any less from anyone else. Oh, and while I've got your eyeballs, here's a shameless plug. Back in 2008 I wrote a book called Team Player. You should buy it and read it. Click here to get it in paperback or for Kindle at Amazon.