Update From the Studio – May 2017

Bonus Content

Most of the posts lately have been specific to one project or another, including the current Les Paul build project that I’m doing with my son Josh.  But there have been some more general developments in the studio lately, specifically in the workshop, that I wanted to share.  So consider this a bit of mid-week bonus content.

From Shed to Shop

The biggest transition has been the transformation of the shed, which was doing double duty as a car-centric workshop and general household storage ares, to what I’m now officially calling the Shop.  The storage element has been eliminated, and the layout and work areas are now specifically designed around woodworking, and guitar-building in particular.

The central, two-sided bench is still the main work area, and has had a twin-screw/moxon-style vice added to the end.  Two additional work benches have been added on the side with accommodation for the chop saw.  I brought in a TV which currently sits at the end of the side bench, waiting for a good mounting solution.  That TV is intended both for watching, and to facilitate future videoing in the shop when it will serve as a live monitor for the main video camera.

The old bench in the back is still there, and now served primarily as a staging area for work in progress, and tools in use. The existing peg-board tool storage has been rearranged a bit, and additional tool storage shelves, along with some clamp racks have been added.  The hanging cordless-tool rack is made with lengths of 3-inch PVC.

The large shelf in the corner is intended to hold the compressor and vacuum. I will build a noise-containing cabinet to hold them, with vents to the outside, and plan to attach dust collection pipes to give me convenient vacuum access to each of the tool areas.

Next week I’ll try to get another bonus update posted with pics of some of the side projects I’ve been working on.  The guitar build is taking most of my time and attention right now, but I have a few other little, fun things going as well, including a couple new tools that I’m having fun with.

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