Hawaii Ukulele Project Part 4

When last we left off, I had finished cutting the fret slots, and started on the fret board end detail.  So, of course, next up is the finishing of the end detail.  I made quick work of that on the spindle sander.

IMG_3032  IMG_3034

Next up: getting the old bridge off the body of the instrument.  There’s no particular reason this had to be done at this time, but it needed doing, and I was looking for a break from that fret board, so…

IMG_3035  IMG_3038

The existing bridge and plastic saddle were pretty sub-optimal.  The two screws were most likely originally just to provide some clamping pressure when the original bridge was glued on.  There’s no reason the glue wouldn’t have held without the screws.

IMG_3039  IMG_3040

The bridge came up with a little careful prying from a very thin blade, and a little work with a chisel and small scraper cleaned the old glue off with no problems.

Next up… back to the fret board.  Leave a comment or question if you have them.

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