Sample Logo Work

This is just a quick sampler of some of the logo work we’ve done.  Some of these were submitted to competitive sites like Squadhelp and 99 Designs, and others were on contract or internal work.  I’ll try to post samplers like this every so often, just to give folks a taste of the kind of design work we do.

Bravura Logo

Bravura B

Bravura is a textile company specializing in high-end carpets and rugs.  They chose to go with a visual identity proposal from another firm, and last I checked their website was inaccessible, and their Facebook page appears abandoned.  Coincidence?  Probably.



Worth Pointe



Queensland Industrial Gasfitting, WorthPointe and Carolina Ventures all considered our visual identity proposals, but ultimately went somewhere else.  Personally, I think all three of them made the wrong decisions.  I do like the uniqueness of Carolina’s eventual choice, but it’s awkwardly shaped, and it’s clear they are having a hard time using it in any sort of horizontal format.  The QIGS logo is my favorite among these three.  You may not notice if you’re not from the area, but the blue gas flame in the logo is actually in the shape of the Australian state of Queensland.

NP Solutions

NP Solutions is a UK based marketing and creative firm.  They put out a call for design ideas as part of their re-branding process, and loved this design that we submitted.  Ultimately they changed their company identity to the initials NPS and adpoted a more tech-inspired look.

Panda Films



Pandafilms and JackBall Press hold a special place in my heart.  The former is my teenage son’s nascent film company that he and his friends formed as part of their ambitious plan to make the next great epic, apocalyptic zombie film.  And JackBall is the name I gave to my own personal publishing company, under which I published my book, Team Player in 2008.

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