Ibanez Artcore AS73 Project

I picked up this Ibanez Artcore AS73 back in June 2015 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA.  When I found it, it was damaged at the neck joint and missing most of the hardware.  What hardware was left (a few mismatched tuners, the cable jack and a couple pots) was in pretty rough shape.  But still… this is a beautiful guitar, and I just couldn’t walk past it for fear that it’s fate would bring it to an ignominious end.

Actually, I did walk past it.  Several times.  But it kept calling me back, and eventually I made a deal with the seller, who, incidentally, knew absolutely nothing about this guitar, or any guitar, as best I could tell.

First step was to remove the neck from the body and clean the joint so it could be re-glued.

IMG_20150713_121659  IMG_20150713_121712



The heel piece at the base of the neck was also missing.  This was originally a plastic piece that matched the edge binding, but since I didn’t have the original piece, I shaped a new one from some maple that I had on hand.  With the clear poly finish over it, the color actually matches pretty well.


Next came all new hardware (pickups, tuners, bridge, pots, wiring, etc.)

IMG_2286  IMG_2283  IMG_2284

The completed project went up on eBay and sold for a good price for me, and a great discount for the buyer compared to a new instrument.

The project was a lot of fun, and has left me excited to take on more rescue projects.  I’ll be looking for different instruments that look like they have seen better days, and bringing them back to life.

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