The Hawaii Ukulele Rescue Project is done!

The Hawaii Uke has gone from a flea-market cast-off to a great looking, great sounding concert ukulele with a new maple fret board, new rosewood bridge, bone nut and saddle, and a set of Martin strings. Read On to see how it was done, and hear guest artist Jake Sharp play the instrument on the demo video.

Eubanks Studio

The studio is home to original creative work. That work ranges from instrument builds to graphic design, from original music to photography, and whatever else we might dream up.

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Rescue Instruments

We cry a little whenever a good instrument dies, so we take every chance we can to find instruments heading to the scrap heap of history and rescue, restore and revive them.

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The Eubie Blog

Based on the name, you can assume that this is the blog. Topics are varied and unpredictable, often interesting, sometimes compelling and on rare occasions, totally mind-blowing.

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